Von Miller: A Man and his Poultry

What started as just a simple way to get an easy A at Texas A&M University, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller found a love for something he never thought he’d have—poultry farming. After finding himself extremely interested in the class thanks to an adoring professor, he ended up majoring in Poultry Sciences and found a lifelong passion.

Miller began raising his own chickens during his sophomore year of college, and as his wallet grew, so has the size of his farm. In-between sacking quarterbacks and charming the country with his killer dance moves, the Super Bowl MVP currently owns over 60 chickens in the back yard of his childhood home in DeSoto, Tex., a suburb of Dallas. Miller says that he has a special bond with all of his birds and even names them after some of his teammates, including TJ Ward, Demarcus Ware, Emmanuel Sanders and Derek Wolfe. He even named the sole rooster of the flock after his former teammate Peyton Manning.

Miller thinks of his birds as members of his family and refuses to kill and eat them. He does however still eat other chickens, just not the ones he considers his pets. While the meat of his beloved chickens is off limits, the eggs are a different story. Miller’s flock lays about 20 eggs a day, and the linebacker says that you can really taste the difference between farm-raised eggs and store bought ones.

Miller’s current chicken farm may be small right now, but he does have his eyes on acquiring a commercial chicken farm that is not far away from his current operation. However, it is his enthusiasm for chickens, not profit that drives him to achieving his goal of being a legitimate chicken farmer. Miller is most notably passionate about humanely raised birds.

“I take pride in healthy birds,” Miller says. “You got all these other big-time commercial farms that raise, you know, 30,000 birds. Me, it's a whole lot smaller operation.”

It is incredibly important to the Broncos star that his chicken farm is operated differently than a traditional commercial chicken company. He wants to be intimately involved with every step of the process and is very concerned with the health and well-being of the birds that he so deeply cares about. Miller even wants to add in cameras to the chicken coops so costumers can be guaranteed the birds are living life to the fullest.

The self-proclaimed nerd, who can’t see a thing without his glasses, is so invested in his dream of owning a chicken farm that he has already created a motto for his future poultry empire.

“I put love into my birds,” Miller says. “I can see the logo for my company: me holding the chickens, big smile. The slogan, ‘Happy birds!’”
Football may not be forever, but it’s safe to say that Miller has a solid retirement plan.