Professional surfers Alana Blanchard and Camille Brady cheer on Kauai native and good friend Sebastian Zietz as he competes in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing at the famous Pipeline break on Oahu's North Shore. During the winter months, the entire surf world converges on the North Shore for a series of contests including the Vans Triple Crown, Billabong Pipe Masters, and the Eddie Aikua Big Wave Invitational. Unfortunately there are no women's events until the ASP Women's World Tour kicks off in Australia, Alana and Camille make the best of it cheering for their good friend Seabass! Watch "Alana: Surfer Girl" every Monday on Network A.

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2014 was a solid year for Vans. The California shoemakers put forth a slew of notable releases this year from innovative revamps to harmonious collaborations. To celebrate the iconic brand’s ongoing legacy, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest sneaker releases they’ve graced us with this year. Take a look at our picks, and let us know which ones you were able to get your hands on.

Steve Caballero has been a pro skateboarder for longer than most skaters have been alive. That includes his young son Caleb, who still gets to reap the rewards of having a legend for a dad. Caballero took his son on a road trip that featured a trip to the motocross track with Mike McGill, a shred session at the Vans skatepark with Duane Peters and a chance to make pizza with Salman Agah.

The 2013 Vans Pool Party was absolutely bonkers. See all the highlights from the Pro division at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA.

Now that's metal.
As part of Metallica's Orion festival in Detroit, Vans set up a vert ramp for its skate team. The festival featured performances by James, Lars and Kurt plus the Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero were on hand for the skate demo and aside from riding the vert ramp and checking out the music, the veteran skaters also had the opportunity to take some Segways for a spin. Hosoi also showed off his skills with a slingshot and got Cab to do some push-ups.

It's time to get rad like Cru Jones.
Dennis McCoy has been riding BMX so long that he was around the first time the styles referenced in the new Vans x Haro collaboration came out. With the two companies putting out a new collection featuring a classic 80s look (you bet, there's neon involved), McCoy, who is still sponsored by both companies, made the perfect spokesperson.