Last week we showed you Brandon Semenuk's amazing unReal segment, a single tracking-shot video part that had the mountain bike community scraping its collective jaw off the proverbial floor. If you were wondering what sort of "movie magic" went into the creation of this part, however, you were not alone, but thanks to this behind-the-scenes look, we now have our answer: No wires. No drones. Just a 4K camera in the bed of a pickup truck. Needless to say, sometimes old-school goes a long way.

Here's something I guarantee you haven't seen before: A mountain bike "powder" (OK, loam) day. Conceived by the mad-scientists behind this year's stunning two-wheeled epic, unReal, "Dirt Blizzard" stands as the film's final segment and most lasting spectacle, blasting unknown quantities of fresh dirt out of snow-gun style blowers while some the sports raddest athletes do what they do best. Grab the goggles and check it out.