Thrasher's Jake Phelps took to the airwaves to announce the teams for this year's KOTR.
Thrasher's King of the Road tour has become a summer tradition. This year's tour promises to feature some heavy action. Thrasher editor Jake Phelps recently announced the teams that will be taking part in KOTR and it's a lineup packed with heavy hitters. Chocolate, Real, Enjoi, and Birdhouse will all be packing into a fan for 10 days of mayhem. The actual skaters will be announced next week so be sure to check back and see who will be hitting the road.

There have been too many earth-shattering kickflips in skate history to narrow down the so-called "best", but rest assured, this behemoth from Argentine shredder Milton Martinez is up their with the gnarliest of them. Corey Duffle ollied into this bad boy a few years ago, but this one is on another level so make sure to check it out and then get out there and start flinging your own.