Sure, we saw this one earlier in May, but just at how glorious (and terrifying) this giant wave from Mark Healey is in ultra HD and super slow-mo. We want no part of that wave...

Kayaker Dane Jackson may be only 21, but he's a kayaker's kayaker already. Rocking the pink kayak, Jackson charges waterfalls in Veracruz, Mexico like he was meant to do it.

Motocross trials rider Julien Dupont saw Robbie Maddison ride his motorcycle through a luge and off a giant ski jump last month, so he decided to get a thrill on his bike for himself.

Dupont has (sorta) ridden on the moon before, so a roller coaster seemed like the next logical step. He headed down to Mexico City's La Feria de Chapultepec amusement park to tackle the Montaña Rusa roller coaster on his motorcycle. He does backflips on it, wheelies, endos, and hammers the throttle down and he goes up and down. This is truly an incredible stunt.

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