Following Mark McMorris's progression killer to backcountry bum, In Motion premiers on Red Bull TV October 15th at 6:00pm PST, and will be available on iTunes Tuesday, October 27th. In the meantime, check out the trailer and get hyped.

Arriving in theaters next month, Patagonia new hour-long documentary, Jumbo Wild, takes an in-depth look at the battle to balance conservation and recreation in British Columbia's iconic—and important—Jumbo Valley. Set against the backdrop of backcountry skiing and snowboarding, this one is a must-watch for everyone interested in preserving the things they love.

Nothing says freedom quite like an open road and a bike...except, perhaps, for a never-ending swath of untouched powder. Just ask backcountry bums, Mike Carter and Callum Pettit, who recently decided to combine the two, strapping their boards to their bikes and pointing both toward the heart of the Canadian Rockies. What they found was the adventure of a lifetime, as told in The North Face's new must-watch mini-doc, Rocky Mountain Moto Tour. Check it out and then start planning your great fall escape.

Follow Harvey Price and George Gifford as they navigate the fast-paced and frustrating roads of the Welsh Rally Championship, DIY-style amateur rally circuit. Directed by Jake Vaughan, you'll ride shotgun with George and Harvey as they prep and race their MKII Escort through the "Mid Wales Stages" and "Rally North Wales" - the first rally events of their year.

Nothing Like It was a film student thesis by Jake Vaughan who submitted it to Network A. Submit your own videos at:

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In the past 50 years, Whistler Blackcomb has gone from an unrefined hill in the middle of nowhere to the largest—and most name-checked—mountain in North America, and to celebrate their golden anniversary, the BC backcountry haven is set to unleash a brand new documentary, 50 Years of Going Beyond. Dropping on October 13th, this one looks like the perfect start to any powder day, so check out the trailer above and get ready to shred.

Longtime tranny shredder and modern-day nomad, Chet Childress, has made a career out of crushing coping and drifting from one spot to another, but Desillusion Magazine's new mini-documentary, Lost In Crookslation, finds Childress in his rarest form: At home. Find 11 minutes and check it out.

In the climbing world, few tests—not even Everest or K2—are as daunting as the central peak of Meru, a technical, sheer wall in the north of India that has had less interaction with humanity than the surface of the moon. That, however, didn't stop Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk from attempting to conquer it not once, but twice, returning to the hallowed mountain's shark-fin summit in 2011 for a harrowing, yet successful, conclusion to what they failed to finish in 2008. Now, four years later, the trio are offering an inside look at their mission—one of the most dangerous in climbing history—via a new documentary, Meru, that is sure to chill viewers to the bone and back again. If you think you can handle the cold and the craziness, check out the trailer above and prepare for the climb of a lifetime.

So what did you do this summer? Traveled a little? Camped a bit? Hid in some air-conditioning and watched movies? Well, Daniel Ofili, a 23-year-old adventurer from Kent, England, is here to make your exploits—whatever they may be—pale in comparison: He trekked nearly 1,120 miles across the Sahara desert...on a bike. Unsurprisingly, this micro doc about the undertaking is grueling stuff, so make sure to check it out, just prepare yourself for some pretty grisly stuff (including eating a raw lizard and some subsequent vomiting) in advance.

The Lexus hoverboard is the action sports story of the year thus far. You've seen it. So have your parents, and probably your grandparents too. It's everywhere—inescapable—and yet the genesis has raised more questions than it has answered. With this behind-the-scenes look, however, Lexus—with the help of the scientists and skaters involved—certainly sheds some more light on the making of this potentially game-changing gadget. Welcome to the future, everyone.