Kelly Slater

El Niño has already been extremely giving (or violent, depending upon how you look at it) to the Pacific coastlines this winter. But over the weekend a massive swell lit up every big wave spot from Hawaii to California to Mexico and everywhere in between.

With that, Jaws lit up, the Todos Santos Big Wave Challenge went down, and Waimea Bay was completely shut down. Get caught up on one of the most adrenaline-packed weekends in big wave surfing to ever go down.

The world's greatest surf may have just built the world's greatest man-made wave. Kelly Slater, 11x world champion, has just dropped a brand new video with his company, Kelly Slater Wave Company, that shows him surfing the wave his company built.

He speaks a bit about it in the video, but ver few details are given. It essentially looks like a set-up like the WaveGarden, but is much bigger and much hollower. He states that it's the greatest man-made wave ever, and from the looks of the barrels he's getting, it very well may be.

Stay tuned for more on this, but this changes the surf realm forever—which Kelly has continuously done for a while.

At 43 years of age Kelly Slater is still one of the most relevant surfers on the face of the planet. Aside from having 11 world titles and just about every other record in professional surfing, he is still throwing some of the biggest maneuvers year-in and year-out on the WSL.

Point-in-case, this weekend at Lower Trestles Slater "landed" this impossible air reverse after he lost his board mid-air. We figured it'd be a good time to take a look back at some of the greatest airs Kelly has ever landed with a jersey on.

thumbnail courtesy WSL / Rowland

What a wild and lucky Sunday it was at Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa. Not only the entire surfing world, but also the entire world itself is now well aware of Mick Fanning's fighting off a great white during the final of the JBay Open and coming away physically unscathed.

If not for Fanning's quick instincts to do exactly what he needed to, and the speedy response by the Water Safety team, this would be a much harder story to digest. Easily the most witnessed shark attack in the history of human existence, Mick Fanning is clearly counting his stars today.

The World Surf League, Julian Wilson, and Mick Fanning have all decided that it was best to cancel the contest and split the points and winnings. They've felt it was no longer safe and not worth risking things after the luck they had.

Now let us not scream death to all sharks and go on manhunts. Rather, let us realize that sharks exist in their natural habitats and as surfers we will encounter them from time-to-time. In this humble writer's opinion, I do not believe the shark wanted a taste of Mr. Fanning—if he had he would've taken one and no leash (or much of anything really) would've stopped him.

There's going to be lots about this incredibly strange and incredibly fortunate event for time to come. The World Surf League now has the entire world's attention. Where they decide to go with it could shape the future of surfing as we know it.

Take a watch below of the footage again and get the behind-the-scenes of the moments in the aftermath when Mick and Julian Wilson triumphantly returned to shore.

You know that saying, "Sex sells"? Well, there's something that's related that also sells: surfing.

Throughout the digital advertising ages, companies, corporations, and the Don Drapers of the world have attached themselves to surfing to sell products and the "cool" feeling.

With the final season of Mad Men upon us, we've compiled a list of notable commercials centering around surfing but selling nothing to do with surfing.