Monster Trucks

Rich Weissensel is completely obsessed with DeLoreans. To his credit, DeLoreans are pretty badass, and there aren't many of them around. Rich though is so DeLorean-crazed that he's built some incredibly unique car projects using DeLoreans. From a DeLorean monster truck to a DeLorean limo, he's got quite the fleet. And in true DeLorean junky habit, Rich only uses damaged cars for his creations because he doesn't want to remove the good DeLoreans from the population.

Check out the video and some of his creations below.

32 trucks in the last 34-years, Dennis Anderson is the man behind the famed monster truck Grave Digger. Broken back, shoulders, ribs, arms, you name it—the man has paid his dues and created the most recognized monster truck on the planet. Hear a bit of the story here.

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