Travis Pastrana

Carey Hart brings us behind the scenes of Hart and Huntington's blowout Supercross finals weekend in Vegas. From autograph signings to freestyle demos to a down and dirty punk rock show featuring legendary T.S.O.L., and finally wrapping it all up at the Monster Energy Supercross awards where HandH is presented the Innovation Award for the 2012 season. Sin CIty is the birth place of Hart and Huntington and they always end it with a bang in their home town! Everyone's here to celebrate: Carey, the whole HandH team, Travis Pastrana, and P!nk.

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No one else can say they've done a double backflip and driven a rally car with a broken leg.
Travis Pastrana has been a part of the X Games in Los Angeles since the beginning. When the X Games were held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, Pastrana was there and performed the first 360 in a freestyle motocross competition. At the Staples Center, he did the first double backflip. And when he added rally car driver to his resumé, he won gold medals in that event as well. With the X Games ending its run in LA, Pastrana reflected on some of his more memorable moments.

There's crash montages, and then there's Nitro Circus crash montages. Yes, the members of the Nitro Circus crew are highly-skilled professional pilots of all manner of vehicles, from tricycles to trophy trucks. But no one is perfect, and Travis Pastrana and his friends are not perfect quite often as this collection of Nitro Circus slams and bails shows.

Even if he did crash on the final lap at Daytona.
On the latest episode of On Pace, Travis Pastrana returns to Daytona International Speedway, the track where he won his first motorcycle race. This time he's behind the wheel of a NASCAR Nationwide car that is part of the prestigious Roush/Fenway Racing team. Pastrana admits that he has a lot to learn in NASCAR but he was good enough to finish in the Top 10 at the first race of the season at Daytona.