Rally Racing

And a NASCAR driver. And a rally car racer. And a freestyle motocross rider. The second season of Pastrana's show On Pace kicks off with him switching NASCAR teams to join Rousch Fenway while still finding time to compete in the Global Rally Championship and ride his motocross bike. But the biggest news is that Pastrana's wife, Lyn-Z Adams is pregnant. That means Pastrana, himself a big kid, is going to be a big daddy.

Who says you need four wheels to drive a car? During the Oregon Trail Rally, Ken Block lost the front wheel on the driver's side of his car during the third stage. That meant Block had to race the fourth stage with only three wheels. But he wasn't going to take a DNF, so Block made his way around the course while sending sparks everywhere, and he still managed to finish second in the rally.

The team at FY Racing take on the Oregon Trail Rally - one of the most notable courses in the sport. It has been a tricky start to the season for the team, but they arrive ready to battle their way to some wins.

While cruising the 2015 New York International Auto Show, Timbo and the Dose crew ran into skate legend Bucky Lasek, who was on hand to help launch the new Subaru STI Performance concept car and show off his sparkling GRC-ready whip. We got him to break down what it's like being the only person in the world living the dual dream of being a pro skater and pro rally car driver at the same damn time, and (spoiler alert!) it's more work than you'd think. If you like to flatspot urethane and slay rubber, then this one is for you.