The first-ever World Drone Prix packed one hell of a surprise...and no, it wasn't the $1,000,000 purse. See the full story right here on Network A.

Listen, we all knew Gymkhana EIGHT was going to be a little nuts. Blasting around the streets of Dubai in a Ford Fiesta that can do 0-60 in 1.8 seconds isn't something sane people do, after all. But we weren't prepared for THIS. We don't want to spoil any of the surprises—though there are plenty—but we will say that Ken Block, Ford Performance, and XDubai pulled out every last stop for this one, stitching together arguably the best Gymkhana yet in the process. Check it out and make sure to stay tuned for Block's tantalizing Gymkhana 9 teaser at the end.

Jetman Dubai is a maniac. Pure and simple. And to be totally honest, we love him for it. Never seen his work before? Then just check out this real life Rocketeer's latest stunt—a synchronized flight with a massive Emirates A380 Airbus high above the mirage-like expanse of Dubai—which is sure to offer the perfect introduction to his particular brand of crazy. Put those tray tables up and enjoy.

With news of Alain Robert's third Ariane Tower climb breaking this week, we decided there was no better time to face our fears and assemble the 5 craziest urban free climbs of all time in one head-spinning, stomach-turning countdown. From the second tallest tower in the world to the apex of the Wembley Arch, there is plenty of no-margin-for-error insanity on display here, so put on those climbing shoes and join us as we head for the clouds.