The Isle of Man TT is the most lethal race on earth, and it hasn't softened with age or modernity, claiming two more lives earlier this week. And while these fatalities are both a tragedy and an important reminder that the reward may no longer be worth the risk, they also happen to make Michael Dunlop's record-smashing lap time all the more impressive (and terrifying). Clocking in with an average speed of over 133 mph, Dunlop logged the first-ever sub-16-minute lap time on the infamous Mountain Course this week, and thanks to this eye-watering POV video, you can experience the whole thing just as he saw it. Hold on tight and check it out.

Ice Speedway racing is a very real (and very insane) sport in Russia, but chances are most of us Westerners have never laid eyes upon it...until now. Join Red Bull and Ice Speedway Russia World Champion, Daniil Ivanov, as he takes his absolutely insane bike skills to Lake Baikal for the flat track sesh to end them all. Holy shit, is the appropriate response here.

Join wrench wizard Matt Harris and Doing Koool Shit for an inside look at 40Cal Customs, Tennessee's finest custom bike shop.

Still haven't recovered from that Sons of Anarchy finale? Then check out this wild video of two Harley stunt riders doing their thing inside an abandoned prison. Next stop: Alcatraz.

You've always wanted to be a James Bond villain but never quite had the amphibious motorcycle you needed to escape to your underwater base. That is until the Biski has been gifted to the world by Gibbs Sports.

The 2-cylinder motorcycle/jet ski hybrid is RWD, can hit 80mph on land, 37mph on water, and will convert from one to the other in under 5-seconds. With a price of $TBD, we're sure this one will probably end up breaking the bank in the long run—but hey it's like getting two vehicles for one!

Get more info on the Biski here.

Check out the story behind AJ Stuntz, a young, up-and-coming stunt rider out of San Mateo, CA who is taking SoCal bike culture by storm. Obviously, to be this good, this young, you have to get started early, but there's so much more to AJ's story than just that, so make sure to give it a watch.

Nothing says freedom quite like an open road and a bike...except, perhaps, for a never-ending swath of untouched powder. Just ask backcountry bums, Mike Carter and Callum Pettit, who recently decided to combine the two, strapping their boards to their bikes and pointing both toward the heart of the Canadian Rockies. What they found was the adventure of a lifetime, as told in The North Face's new must-watch mini-doc, Rocky Mountain Moto Tour. Check it out and then start planning your great fall escape.

Doing things the way they used to be done is not always for the best, especially in the world of motorsports, where technology has become an invaluable asset in terms of accuracy, performance, and efficiency. But as Taber Nash of Nash Motorcycle Company proves,the hand-built process will always be the purest and most artistic, showcasing his dedication to motorcycle history (while still keeping one eye on the road ahead) in the latest episode of UPROXX's new series, Human. If you're into bikes, or perhaps just the DIY spirit, then make sure to check this one out.