The game doesn't even have to be played, we're handing Audi the Super Bowl commercials win before it even goes down. Crank up David Bowie's "Starman" and revel in one of the best Super Bowl commercials we've ever seen.

The Acura NSX is back. The world has waited over a decade for the return of the cult classic—just ask NASCAR owner Rick Hendrick who paid $1.2million for the first 2017 NSX VIN No. 001. Now being manufactured in North America, the NSX returns to hopefully do some damage. Add some David Lee Roth vocals and you've got a commercial that'll get you going...

We just recently broke down the fact that corporations love using surfing in commercials. And not long after, Mercedes-Benz dropped a brand new commercial for their AMG C 63 featuring pro surfer Marlon Lipke surfing in Portugal. We don't see this trend going away anytime soon either.

You know that saying, "Sex sells"? Well, there's something that's related that also sells: surfing.

Throughout the digital advertising ages, companies, corporations, and the Don Drapers of the world have attached themselves to surfing to sell products and the "cool" feeling.

With the final season of Mad Men upon us, we've compiled a list of notable commercials centering around surfing but selling nothing to do with surfing.