No doubt you watched the debut installment of Nigel Sylvester's POV BMX series, Go!, in which he conquered the streets of NYC by bike. I mean, the thing has almost 2 million views on YouTube. If you missed it, you were living under a rock. Today, however, Nigel is back for the sequel, which finds Nike-backed pro cruising the star-studded streets of LA by helicopter, BMX, and even Ferrari. Needless to say, this dude is living the dream.

The Janoskis are Nike's new staple sneaker, and this year they finally got some sick colorways to back it up

We countdown the craziest and coolest sneaker collabs of the year that was

Paul Rodriguez is confident with his trick plan leading up to his battle with Tom Asta at BATB5. Now it's time to execute the plan. Eric Koston lays down the rules and the battle kicks off. Feel the pressure as these pros throw down head to head in one of the most legendary battles ever to go down at the Berrics. In the end, there can be only one winner, but there are definitely no losers.

In episode 1, part 2 of Life, professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez continues the tour of his family ranch in Orange Cove, California, exposing childhood memories and hearing first hand his important decision to choose family first when his grandmother becomes ill, even if it means missing the Tampa Pro. Paul also shows off why he's a true professional always working hard to perfect his craft during a session at the local Orange Cove Skate Park. New episodes dropping every Tuesday.

Pro skater Paul Rodriguez opens up about the importance and influence of his family in the premiere episode of his new series "Life," exclusively on Network A. New episode dropping every Tuesday.

The guys from our show Dose shot an interview with Paul when he was in New York, watch the video here:

Get ready because Nike Snowboarding is going to release a two-part snowboarding video called "Never Not."
The commercial for the video just premiered and it explores the two sides of snowboarding ("For every dream, a nightmare....For every win, someone who loses it."). It all seems a little high-minded and philosophical, but the level of riding can't be denied. With a team that features Nicolas Müller, Danny Kass, Halldor Helgason and Scotty Lago, "Never Not" should be one of the must-see snowboard videos this season.

When the members of the Nike BMX team—Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester and Simone Barraco—get together it's going to be hot. When the riders get together in Louisiana, home of the Hot Boys and Tabasco hot sauce, it's ramped up even higher. Stay tuned for the full video on June 20.