In December, Southern California was experiencing something astronomical that it rarely (if ever) does: weather. More specifically, weather in the form of pouring rain for days on end.

Chris Coté, former Editor-in-Chief of the now-deceased Transworld Surf, took full advantage though and relived a childhood past time: the urban boogie slide. So Coté geared up with a boogieboard, a GoPro, a pair of BMX gloves, some old jeans, and the dream to bring the sport of Urban Boogie Sliding back from obscurity! Good thing it worked out for him, unlike that kid who tried it down stairs.

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Jorge Tirado's son is the coolest 9-month-old there is. Jorge brought his son out on a bodyboard for his very first time and caught it all with a GoPro. The baby got barreled and loved it (then again, who doesn't love getting barreled). The seed is now planted and we know this kid will be ripping in no time.

There aren't things more '80s than neon wetsuits, Oakley Blades, and bodyboarding music videos. "Ripping The Pit, We've Got It All" checks all those boxes and is painfully hilarious—even though it was made seriously.