With news of Alain Robert's third Ariane Tower climb breaking this week, we decided there was no better time to face our fears and assemble the 5 craziest urban free climbs of all time in one head-spinning, stomach-turning countdown. From the second tallest tower in the world to the apex of the Wembley Arch, there is plenty of no-margin-for-error insanity on display here, so put on those climbing shoes and join us as we head for the clouds.

Want to spice up your next American Warrior training sesh? Well, this guy clearly knows the feeling, hitting the gym in a T-Rex costume for what has to be the most unexpectedly hilarious videos in awhile. If you like goofy slapstick (and who doesn't, from time to time), then this one is a must-watch.

In the climbing world, few tests—not even Everest or K2—are as daunting as the central peak of Meru, a technical, sheer wall in the north of India that has had less interaction with humanity than the surface of the moon. That, however, didn't stop Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk from attempting to conquer it not once, but twice, returning to the hallowed mountain's shark-fin summit in 2011 for a harrowing, yet successful, conclusion to what they failed to finish in 2008. Now, four years later, the trio are offering an inside look at their mission—one of the most dangerous in climbing history—via a new documentary, Meru, that is sure to chill viewers to the bone and back again. If you think you can handle the cold and the craziness, check out the trailer above and prepare for the climb of a lifetime.

Photography has changed a great deal in the digital age, and even more so with the increasing popularity of Instagram (i.e. anyone can become a paid photographer).

But amidst this explosion of tinkering with digital photography, there's been a charge for young urbanites who want to see and go places they're "not supposed to go." And they're documenting every step of the way in some gorgeous imagery—sometimes even being put behind bars for it.

These urban explorers are something we should all aspire to; to not be satisfied with what we're handed and to find and see places that others simply don't. So we present to you 7 of the best urban explorers that you need to be following on Instagram.