Tube Riding

Mikala Jones is well-known for his POV barrel antics. So follow him on another barrel-riding adventure in pursuit of epic tropical sunset views.

While planted at a desk there might not be a better thing to transplant you to a better place than a POV barrel—especially ones of the deep and green variety. So why don't you take 2-minutes-and-15-seconds out of your day to travel to a tropical land with pro surfer Shane Dorian. Sit back and relax.

First off, to answer your obvious question: Yes, the Delmarva area (coastline of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) gets waves. And no one knows how to take advantage of that rare surf than Raven Lundy and Colin Herlihy.

Here, the Wyld Lyfe duo gets heaving barrels and set it to some timeless bluegrass music. Which really makes us think that more surf edits need to be set to bluegrass music.