British Columbia

After watching this, you'll want to move to the mountains. Immediately.
Teton Gravity Research has been making some of the best ski movies for a long time. The trailer for its newest video "Way of Life" promises to deliver more of the same. "Way of Life" attempts to capture the passion that skiers share around their life in the mountains. TGR pulled together a team of heavy hitters, including skiers Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Tim Durtschi, Sammy Carlson, and Dash Longe, and traveled to some of the world's most challenging terrain in Wyoming, Austria, and British Columbia. As always, this promises to be one of the "must see" ski films of the year.

Jake took a break from the Ashbury Demo at Bear Mountain, California to take some fun, slushy park laps under the sun. Here he breaks down 3 of his favorite tricks to do on a daily basis and gives us a display of many more of his go-to moves.

For more action from the Ashbury Demo, click HERE:

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The culmination of Wiley Miller’s 2015 winter season, YLESKI 2015, chronicles the backcountry wizard's forays into the uncharted areas of the British Columbia interior. Keeping the stoke level high and the terrain au naturel, Miller says he set out with the intention to spend his time "exploring new mountains, scouting lines, and finding natural airs" and, from the looks of things, he did precisely that. Check it out and you'll see what we/he means.

But Skier isn't going down with out a fight.
Teton Gravity Research brought skiers Dash Longe, Tim Durtschi, and Dylan Hood to Red Mountain in Rossland, British Columbia and captured the action for the latest episode of the Almost Live series. The skiers accessed some powdery pillows, but it involved negotiating some pretty tight trees. It ended up being a test of limbs in the battle of skier versus tree. Durtschi summed it up, "Trees are pretty cool, but they're also really evil." The footage will be featured in TGR's new video "Way of Life" which comes out this fall.