Red Bull X Fighters

Frenchman claims 2013 freestyle motocross title in Madrid with a Volt and a Special Flip.
Freestyle motocross has progressed so far that naming new tricks is becoming a challenge. Just look at Tom Pages, who with a victory at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid was able to claim the series' overall crown. Pages most incredible move in Madrid involved launching off a kicker, letting go of his bike in mid-air, doing a backflip and then getting back on his bike before it landed. Pages calls the maneuver a Special Flip. A mind-boggling feat like that deserves an appropriate name (the mind-boggler, perhaps). Instead, Pages calls his maneuver the Special Flip. I guess when you're busy thinking up the craziest thing you can do on a freestyle motocross bike, you don't have a lot of time left over to figure out what to call it.

Travel with the up-and-coming freestyle motcross rider as trains and competes at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid.
Twenty-four-year-old freestyle motocross rider Rob Adelberg is one of the emerging talents coming out of Australia. In this video, Adelberg trains for Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, where he had a disappointing result but still managed to hold on to a fourth-place finish in the overall season standings.

It's 2013, and the Paris Hilton flip is still a thing in freestyle motocross.
Dany Torres wanted to put on a show at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid. The Spainard had hometown support and didn't disappoint, winning the Swatch Best Move Award for his Paris Hilton flip. Even though the trick has a horrible name, it is still an impressive maneuver. Torres's Paris Hilton flip was one of the four best tricks from Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, as voted on by the fans. Taka Higashino pulled a rock solid backflip; Levi Sherwood stuck a Hart attack Indian air backflip; and Javier Villegas stood on his seat while he launched off the kicker and then transitioned into a kiss of death.

Let Drake McElroy be your tour guide.
The second to last stop on the Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross tour is about to go down in a few hours in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid X-Fighters event takes place in a tiny bullring in the legendary Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. Drake McElroy will be judging the X-Fighters event so he's the perfect person to show you the tight course, which features two tunnels, a huge 33-meter ramp, a quarterpipe, and a steep super kicker that is ideal for double backflips.

Listen, there have been some been some truly legendary runs in FMX history. We all remember Mike Metzger's back-to-back flips at X Games Philly in '02 and Travis Pastrana's casual after-time double flip in the Coliseum 8 years later, after all. With that said, however, Tom Pagès flawless, finals-winning run at Red Bull X-Fighters South Africa this weekend is unequivocally up there with the best of them. Just check it out and you'll see what we mean.