Surf Airs

When the waves are flat surfers sometimes struggle to find activities that don't get themselves in trouble. Thankfully, we've been having a damn good run of surf on the East Coast recently (thanks Joaquin!). But pro surfers Josh Kerr and Noa Deane were left with a flatness conundrum recently, and they made the most of it behind a boat. Check out that alley-oop transfer Kerrzy nails at the end!

There are plenty of surfers on the ASP world championship tour who like to downplay their competitive drive. You know the type, surfers who say things like, "I treat contests like free surf sessions, just with fewer folks out," and "I don't care how I finish, as long as the waves are good." That's a lot of B.S. Surfers on the WCT want to win, so props to Julian Wilson for owning up to it. Also, props for landing some of the cleanest airs ever.

Kelly Slater, John John Florence, and Kolohe Andino boost massive airs.
It's Surf Week on Network A, so we are bringing you the most amazing surfing videos every day. Today's edit is a collection of some of the world's top pros using waves like ramps and launching huge aerials above the lip. Check out Slater, John John, Andino, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, and more as they experience rare air.