Surf Airs

When the waves are flat surfers sometimes struggle to find activities that don't get themselves in trouble. Thankfully, we've been having a damn good run of surf on the East Coast recently (thanks Joaquin!). But pro surfers Josh Kerr and Noa Deane were left with a flatness conundrum recently, and they made the most of it behind a boat. Check out that alley-oop transfer Kerrzy nails at the end!

At 43 years of age Kelly Slater is still one of the most relevant surfers on the face of the planet. Aside from having 11 world titles and just about every other record in professional surfing, he is still throwing some of the biggest maneuvers year-in and year-out on the WSL.

Point-in-case, this weekend at Lower Trestles Slater "landed" this impossible air reverse after he lost his board mid-air. We figured it'd be a good time to take a look back at some of the greatest airs Kelly has ever landed with a jersey on.

thumbnail courtesy WSL / Rowland

This huge barrel-to-air combo from Jordy Smith has shades of his "craziest air ever" to it. There's no greater way to stamp your authority on a wave after coming flying out of a barrel and throwing a massive turn or air. And Jordy just did it better than anyone else.

Check the Instagram clip below from @NickTereen

Pro surfer Matt Meola is one of the top surfing aerialists in the game. Filmed around his home of Maui, "Home" showcases Meola's otherworldly talents and the beauty of Maui. he lands the world's first ever "spindle flip" air. Around the 5:55-mark Meola lands the world's first-ever "spindle flip" air, but the entire video is certainly worth the watch.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, is this spindle like a 540 or a 720?

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Sure, these may be mostly B-sides from Dane's filming for Kai Neville's newish surf film Cluster. But Dane's B-sides are better than just about anybody else's A-sides.

Sampler is heavy-hitting and will definitely put you in the mood to get out there and surf.

Yes, surfers Flynn Novak and Gabriel Medina have landed backflips at Rocky Point and Off The Wall before, respectively. But at treacherous Backdoor Pipeline? That feat belongs to one North Shore god by the name of John John Florence.

A video was posted earlier this week of John John landing a completed tweaked-out frontside rodeo flip (or backflip), but it was quickly taken off the Internet because the footage is set to be in an upcoming part of his. But former Pipe Master Jake "The Snake" Paterson caught the feat as well and posted it on Instagram for all to enjoy.

Watch it below, over and over again, and be amazed. Where do you think this ranks among the great surf airs of our time?