Waimea Bay

One of the coolest waves on the North Shore of Oahu is actually in a river. When heavy rains hit the North Shore, it's a tradition to dig out the sand to connect the Waimea River to the shorebreak at Waimea Bay. It creates one of the neatest standing waves around. It broke again recently and Zeke Lau was all over it.

El NiƱo has already been extremely giving (or violent, depending upon how you look at it) to the Pacific coastlines this winter. But over the weekend a massive swell lit up every big wave spot from Hawaii to California to Mexico and everywhere in between.

With that, Jaws lit up, the Todos Santos Big Wave Challenge went down, and Waimea Bay was completely shut down. Get caught up on one of the most adrenaline-packed weekends in big wave surfing to ever go down.