With a 61-point lead, Saito could put the championship out of reach this weekend.
The fifth round of the Formula Drift series takes place this weekend at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. Located just outside of Seattle, the event will play a big role in determining the eventual 2013 Formula D champion. Daigo Saito has a commanding 61-point lead over Vaughn Gittin Jr., but Gittin won the event at Evergreen last year. A repeat victory by Gittin would keep the points race tight. But if Saito tops the podium he could all but seal up the 2013 title.

With autumn in the air and the National Parks system set to celebrate its 99th birthday, we countdown 5 parks—from the wilds of Maine to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest—that come alive when everything else starts to wither. Remember everyone, those vacation days aren't going to spend themselves.

In a post-Gymkhana world, where absolutely insane motorized mayhem has become the norm, BJ Baldwin's Recoil 3—the latest installment in a truly mind-blowing trio of Trophy Truck stunt driving masterclasseses—stands apart. A scripted chase scene over the hills and through the streets of Tacoma, Washington, this one showcases some of the gnarliest driving we've ever seen, pushing the capabilities of both driver and machine to their literal breaking points. So grab the firesuit, strap on the helmet, and buckle up, because just watching this one feels dangerous.