X Games La

It's never a dull moment.
On the latest episode of On Pace, Travis Pastrana's hectic life behind the wheel continues. Pastrana tests his rallycross car then hits an X Games kickoff party where he matches his ping-pong skills against Ryan Sheckler, Robbie Maddison, and Ian Walsh. Pastrana has to keep his partying to a minimum because he needs to hop on a private jet for a NASCAR race. As soon as that's over, Pastrana is back on the plane to get ready for the rallycross race at X Games.

Bob Burnquist's attempt at X Games sweep falls short as Sloan wins first gold.
New York City isn't known for creating vert skaters, but the Big Apple produced Elliot Sloan, who won Skateboard Big Air at X Games LA on Thursday. It was the first X Games gold medal for Sloan, whose winning run consisted of a tailgrab 720 over the gap of the MegaRamp and a tailgrab 540 on the quarterpipe. Sloan bested silver-medal winner Tom Schaar and Bob Burnquist, who won bronze. Burnquist was attempting to sweep the Skate Big Air event at all the Global X Games events in 2013, but his switch backside 180 over the gap to Indy 360 on the quarterpipe wasn't enough.

Practice makes perfect.
Paul Rodriguez is in first place in the overall Street League standings and comes into X Games LA fresh off his first win of the season at the Portland Street League stop. P-Rod was out at practice yesterday to make sure that he gets another good result at X Games LA. Check out the clip to watch P-Rod work on his ledge tricks.

Later, L.A.
ESPN just announced that Austin, Texas, will be the new North American home for the X Games starting in 2014. Austin's four-year deal will kick off next May at the Circuit of the Americas complex in the southeast part of the city. Austin edged out Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte, North Carolina, for the chance to host the X Games in North America. The move marks a departure from Los Angeles, where the X Games have been held for the past 11 years. Prior to L.A., the X Games had been held in Providence, Rhode Island, San Diego, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Gymkhana GRID makes its debut at X Games LA. Here's what the course will look like.

Actor-comedian Nick Swardson rode shotgun with Ken Block on the Gymkhana GRID course at X Games LA.
Block asked Swardson before they got in the car if he was nervous. Swardson thought he was fine and said he was just going to close his eyes and slowly urinate himself. While Swardson managed to not wet the car, he did repeatedly say "Oh my God!" while Block drove his ride around the Gymkhana GRID course.
Despite the extra practice with Swardson and basically inventing the Gymkhana format, Block failed to advance past the quarterfinals in Gymkhana GRID's X Games debut, as Tanner Foust claimed gold.

Shush Mogulman captures the true essence of Rice's snowboarding.
Travis Rice decided to do things a little differently for his X Games Real Snow Backcountry part, enlisting the help of a play-by-play announcer as he made a descent in the Alaskan wilderness. The analysis is extremely helpful as Rice pulls turnarounds, rides backward, and sticks his butt out in AK.
Real Snow Backcountry will make its debut at X Games LA in August. Eight riders—Rice, Pat Moore, Jussi Oksanen, Mark Landvik, Mark Carter, Frederik Kalbermatten, Andreas Wiig, and Mike Rencz—submitted backcountry parts, and viewers can vote on their favorites and crown the winner.

Voting for the Real Snow Backcountry contest starts July 16.
It's summertime, so naturally snowboarding is the first thing on everyone's mind. In conjunction with X Games LA, a new snowboard contest called Real Snow Backcountry is going to launch. Snowboarders Travis Rice, Frederik Kalbermatten, Pat Moore, Mark Carter, Mikey Rencz, Andreas Wiig, Jussi Oksanen and Mark Landvik have each assembled videos filmed exclusively in the backcountry. There's no lifts, no parks, and no rails. This is big mountain snowboarding at its finest. Fans will decide the winner and voting starts July 16.

No one else can say they've done a double backflip and driven a rally car with a broken leg.
Travis Pastrana has been a part of the X Games in Los Angeles since the beginning. When the X Games were held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, Pastrana was there and performed the first 360 in a freestyle motocross competition. At the Staples Center, he did the first double backflip. And when he added rally car driver to his resumé, he won gold medals in that event as well. With the X Games ending its run in LA, Pastrana reflected on some of his more memorable moments.

The skateboard contest founder gives motivational pep talks to skaters before their runs.
Rob Dyrdek is not just a figurehead at Street League, the skateboard contest series that he started. At X Games LA, Dyrdek was right there on the course trying to psyche up skaters like Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, Shane O'Neill, and Chris Cole. Dyrdek talked trick selection, strategy, and scoring with the skaters to get them to perform at their absolute best. With his oversized aviator sunglasses and motivational speeches, Dyrdek looked and sounded more like a football coach than a pro skater.