Surf Wipeouts

He is so good that it's not even fair anymore.
Jamie O'Brien has been pushing boundaries at Pipeline for a long time. Riding switch, sharing barrels, you get the idea. But some of the stuff he's been doing at Pipe recently is remarkable even by O'Brien's standards. The fifth episode of Who is JOB 3.0 shows O'Brien paddling out with two surfboards—a soft top longboard and a shortboard—on a day when Pipe is firing. After getting out to the lineup (a challenge in itself), O'Brien drops into massive second-reef waves on the soft top and then steps off onto the shortboard. It's completely nuts. If he had just ridden his shortboard, O'Brien probably would have had the wave of the winter. Instead he got a standing ovation as he walked up the beach.

Exactly what you don't want to have happen at the most dangerous wave in the world

Big waves, big problems.
Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle is one of the premier big wave surfers in the world. What that means is that if there's swell, he's there. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas day or his wife or his son's birthday. Everything comes second to big waves. While that probably sucks for Burle's wife and kid, it does mean we get to see Burle travel to Teahupo'o for the massive swell earlier this year and drop in on some bombs.

Joel Parkinson, John John Florence and other ASP pros explain the do's and don'ts of Tahiti's famous break.
With the Billabong Pro Tahiti set to take place, some of the top surfers on the ASP World Tour offered up their thoughts on things to do avoid when surfing at Teahupoo. The wave produces some of the most epic rides, but it also doles out plenty of beatings. Florence's advice to not go right is a no-brainer and so is Parkinson's tip to not be a part of the lip. Freddy Pattachia offers up the most helpful hint when he suggests that Chopes surfers make love to the wave.