Tow In Surfing

Big wave spot Nazare in Portugal is not for the faint of heart. But it is apparently for playing the violin...

Teacher and surfer Nuno Santos tagged up with Garrett McNamara to get towed into a wave at Nazare while playing "Jingle Bells" on his violin. Who knew that we needed such an awesome thing done?

Brad Domke continues to do things on a skimboard that one should not be able to do on a skimboard. His latest trick, riding some big waves at Nazare—yes, that Nazare where Maya Gabeira nearly died. Brad Domke, you're scaring us. We fear what you'll do next...

Photo: Pedro Miranda

Almost exactly 2 years after nearly dying at big wave spot Nazare in Portugal, Maya Gabeira has gotten her redemption. The female big wave surfer has been working towards this moment endlessly and has finally found her way back into the lineup at Nazare. And even better, it's now a 2016 XXL Big Wave Awards Ride Of The Year entry.

Ever since the crazy, mutant wave The Right truly came into the spotlight with Ryan Hipwood's returning there after it broke his back, it's clearly been one of the top proving grounds for big wave surfers. Brad Norris himself is no stranger to big waves, and this edit is further evidence of that.