Hawaiian Surfing

Today is President's Day and you're most likely lazing around at home trying not to freeze (if you're in the northeast). So why not watch the new Vans surf movie, 6 Weeks Of Aloha? It documents in 26-minutes what happened this winter when the world's best surfers converged on one stretch of beach for 6 weeks for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu. We'll give you a hint: lots of ripping went down.

Martin Pollock is a true story of inspiration. In 2010, while serving as a rifleman in Afghanistan for the British Army, an improvised explosive device took both of his legs and part of his left arm. Pollock had always been an active athlete, and was not going to let his injuries keep him from doing things he wanted to do in life.

So he eventually started surfing through Operation Surf, which helps people learn to surf that have to overcome life challenges. Having surfed for a couple years now, Pollock recently visited Hawaii and got to surf with big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton, and even share a few waves with him. Pretty awesome that Pollock is not letting his injuries keep him down.

Yes, surfers Flynn Novak and Gabriel Medina have landed backflips at Rocky Point and Off The Wall before, respectively. But at treacherous Backdoor Pipeline? That feat belongs to one North Shore god by the name of John John Florence.

A video was posted earlier this week of John John landing a completed tweaked-out frontside rodeo flip (or backflip), but it was quickly taken off the Internet because the footage is set to be in an upcoming part of his. But former Pipe Master Jake "The Snake" Paterson caught the feat as well and posted it on Instagram for all to enjoy.

Watch it below, over and over again, and be amazed. Where do you think this ranks among the great surf airs of our time?