Yes, St. Petersburg, Russia does have a skate scene.
Tony Hawk participated in this year's Gumball 3000 along with skaters Aaron "Jaws" Jamoki and Corbin Harris and BMX rider Mike Escamilla. The Gumball is a 3,000-mile road rally that draws all kinds of different vehicles and follows a different course each year. This year's Gumball went through Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Poland. From the looks of things, Hawk and his crew spent as much time on their boards as they did behind the wheel.

BMX rider Brian Kachinsky took his bike to Russia and learned about the history of BMX in the country.
When Brian Kachinski travelled to Russia, he thought he would be competing in a contest. But when the contest was rained out, he hooked up with Russian tour guide Alexander Sokolay. In addition to taking Kachinsky around to some Cold War-era spots, Sokolay also filled him in on the history of BMX in Russia. Turns out most of the OG riders from Mother Russia doubled as circus performers.