From his truly awesome One of Those Days series to this—arguably the wildest no-snow ski edit we've ever laid our unworthy eyes upon—it goes without saying: Candide Thovex has this viral web thing down pat. Sure, it's a big-budget, glorified Audi commercial. but if you simply can't wait for winter, it's a must-watch all the same.

The Isle of Man TT is the most lethal race on earth, and it hasn't softened with age or modernity, claiming two more lives earlier this week. And while these fatalities are both a tragedy and an important reminder that the reward may no longer be worth the risk, they also happen to make Michael Dunlop's record-smashing lap time all the more impressive (and terrifying). Clocking in with an average speed of over 133 mph, Dunlop logged the first-ever sub-16-minute lap time on the infamous Mountain Course this week, and thanks to this eye-watering POV video, you can experience the whole thing just as he saw it. Hold on tight and check it out.