Niccolo Porcella paid dearly for this Network A Award. It's typically an accepted risk that if you're going to surf Teahupoo in Tahiti, you're going to be leaving some skin on the reef at some point. Porcella left some skin on the reef and then some in what may have been one of the worst wipeouts in the digital age. Miraculously, he was alright after this.

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World champion skimboarder Brad Domke has been riding some of the biggest waves in the world without fins for a while now. But just recently he checked another terrifying location off the list while on a skimboard: Nazare.

But was it the scariest wave he's ever ridden on a skimboard? We give you the top 5 in the list below.

Footage of Teahupoo will certainly get the blood pumping. And this Teahupo'o, Du Ciel edit from Surfing Magazine does that and more. Never did we think that footage from above could still look so amazing—but that's the age we're in. Sit back and enjoy, and then go compare it to the Code Red swell footage here.

Jamie O'Brien has once again outdone himself. Only the madman that is J.O.B. would think to be set on fire and then ride some hefty barrels at Teahupoo. And as you'd expect, Jamie pulled it off perfectly.

Ben Thouard's short video here of some awe-inspiring underwater imagery at Teahupoo makes it seem like the loveliest place to surf in the world. Mind you though: that reef is razor sharp and will tear flesh off your body. So yes, while this makes Teahupoo seem more inviting, it's not. But hell, the view from under there is god damn gorgeous.

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