New York City based artist Curtis Kulig has created a movement with his "Love Me" tag, a simple script that can be found in cities all over the globe. Following a string of successful collaborations with the likes of DQM, Obey, Ace Hotels, Urban Outfitters and Happy Socks, Kulig has released a "Love Me" collection with Vans. dose gets the exclusive first interview with Curtis where he talks to Tim about the evolution of "Love Me," what it takes to score a Vans collab and his plans for the future.


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Photography has changed a great deal in the digital age, and even more so with the increasing popularity of Instagram (i.e. anyone can become a paid photographer).

But amidst this explosion of tinkering with digital photography, there's been a charge for young urbanites who want to see and go places they're "not supposed to go." And they're documenting every step of the way in some gorgeous imagery—sometimes even being put behind bars for it.

These urban explorers are something we should all aspire to; to not be satisfied with what we're handed and to find and see places that others simply don't. So we present to you 7 of the best urban explorers that you need to be following on Instagram.

Russians are no strangers to heights. In fact, sometimes it seems like they have something in their genetic code that helps them better handle stomach-turning precipices. Oleg Cricket, however, is another story altogether. He doesn't just conquer skyscrapers, he toys with them like they were Legos, assembling one of the craziest Insta portfolios on earth in the process. If can pry your hands away from your eyes for 30 seconds, you'll see exactly what we mean.

With news of Alain Robert's third Ariane Tower climb breaking this week, we decided there was no better time to face our fears and assemble the 5 craziest urban free climbs of all time in one head-spinning, stomach-turning countdown. From the second tallest tower in the world to the apex of the Wembley Arch, there is plenty of no-margin-for-error insanity on display here, so put on those climbing shoes and join us as we head for the clouds.