Street Art

New York City based artist Curtis Kulig has created a movement with his "Love Me" tag, a simple script that can be found in cities all over the globe. Following a string of successful collaborations with the likes of DQM, Obey, Ace Hotels, Urban Outfitters and Happy Socks, Kulig has released a "Love Me" collection with Vans. dose gets the exclusive first interview with Curtis where he talks to Tim about the evolution of "Love Me," what it takes to score a Vans collab and his plans for the future.

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For years, countless talented street artists have been crafting jaw-dropping murals that coat the walls and surfaces of public spaces around the world, and 2014 has certainly been no exception. In the past 12 months, we’ve seen some seriously exceptional pieces of art pop up around our city streets. In fact, there have been a number of artists this year to translate their talents into forms of public expression, broadcasting compelling messages and political statements.

To honor this movement, we’ve compiled a list of noteworthy street art murals that have spoken out and created powerful assertions throughout the course of 2014.

We count down the 10 street artists to keep your eye on in the coming year

NYC-based artist, skateboarder, and activist Billy Rohan had an eureka moment while painting a storefront roll gate in NYC last year: To beautify the grey metal gates in front of businesses with paintings by well-known artists. For a city with a long history of fighting graffiti it was a long shot but Billy ultimately won a $30,000 grant from the Lower East Side BID and is now on his way to installing art on 100 Gates between Delancey and Canal and Essex and Allen streets in the LES. Learn how he made it happen only on a new episode of Dose.