Join professional wakeboarder Daniel Grant as he takes takes us on a journey to Bali, checking out some of the island's hidden treasures and sickest cable parks in the process. If you're headed to the Far East anytime soon, make sure to bring that board.

If you're not familiar with the surfer-owned Komune Beach Resort in Bali, then let this be the introduction to your next vacation destination. Sitting right in front of the world-class beachbreak of Keramas, it sports an idyllic pool/bar that you (or scantily clad women in bikinis) can sit and watch the surf (if surfing ain't your thing).

And they just recently hosted the QS1000 Komune Bali Pro in pumping Bali surf, which was won by pro surfer Taj Burrow. The Mad Hueys captured some incredible drone footage of the entire event, and wrapped it into this nice little package for everyone. Thanks guys, now when can we book our trip there?!

Surfer girls have the best travel schedules in the world, everywhere they go is a beach! Well, almost. Gorgeous Roxy Surfers Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey made a rare non-beach stop in NYC this week for the launch of their new bikini collection with Diane Von Furstenberg and dropped in on dose to give Tim their top 5 favorite surf spots in the world. Grab a pen and take notes - you might just get a chance to catch one of these beauties charging waves in real life!

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The Aussie surfer finds plenty of launch ramps in Indo.
Chippa Wilson just joined Fox's increasingly impressive surf team (Bruce Irons, Ian Walsh, Bede Durbidge) in March. The Australian surfer didn't waste any time putting together a sick edit for his new sponsor. In this clip from Wilson's first trip with Fox, he shreds the Bali coastline, boosting massive airs and chucking crazy maneuvers.

Because pillow fighting in your underwear is exactly how to become a surfer girl