Jordy Smith

Follow the two pro surfers through proposals, air boat trips, and the US Open.
The new series 21 Days gives an inside look at Jordy Smith and CJ Hobgood as they prepare for the Billabong Pro Tahiti. The two surfers are at very different stages in their careers. Hobgood is still competing but is also preparing for life after the WCT. Smith is still firmly in the hunt for a world title. As they try to balance the demands of being a pro surfer with family life, Hobgood and Smith find both challenges and opportunities.

As the Billabong Pro Tahiti approaches, the two surfers focus intensifies.
Surfers Jordy Smith and C.J. Hobgood are at two very different stages in their careers. Smith is still relatively new to the ASP world tour and is squarely in the hunt for a world title. Hobgood is nearing the end of his pro surfing career. But both are still hungry. Hungry for contest success, hungry for video clips, hungry to be the best surfers they can be. The second episode of 21 Days, follows Hobgood and Smith as they wrap up the US Open of Surfing and prepare for the next stop on the ASP world tour in Tahiti.

As long as it's on a legit wave.
Pro surfer Mick Fanning is no stranger to throwing up his arms or pumping his fist after a successful wave. Fanning isn't claiming it for the fans on the beach or the ones watching the webcast. Much like a tennis player, Fanning claims it as a way to pump himself up and as a release after heaping so much pressure on himself to perform on the ASP world tour. There are limits, though. Fanning recalls that former pro surfer Taylor Knox firmly believed that if a surfer claimed it on a wave that scored anything lower than an 8, that he should be deducted points.