Cliff Jumping

Earlier this summer we brought you a Memorial Day edit from Cliff Life, and over July 4th weekend, the New England cliff-jump crew were back at it again, this time taking to Vermont's heaviest quarries and cliffs for another awesome showcase. The footage certainly doesn't disappoint, so check it out and then go send some of your own.

Cliff jumping is no joke. There are no safety nets. No bail outs. No cheats. Just ask Laso Schaller, who just broke the cliff-jump world record with this absolutely insane leap. As you'll see, while 193-foot height (taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa) is certainly daunting, it's the postage stamp landing pool that offers up the highest sketch factor. Steady your stomach and get ready to take the plunge.

Want to see something awesome? Then watch as the Devin Super Tramp crew teams up with Contiki Legends for a crazy cliff jumping edit along Italy's Amalfi Coast. We aren't even going to bother telling you not to try this on your next Euro trip, but whatever you do, do it smart. Needless to say, nothing ruins a vacation like coming home in a body bag.