You could make argument that the act of driving (beyond inherent issues like fossil fuel consumption, traffic congestion, and accidents) doesn't need to be fixed. That won't stop major automotive corporations from trying, however, as Goodyear's latest, future-gazing concept tire—the Eagle-360—makes abundantly clear.

A completely spherical, 3D-printed tire concept, that allows tires to rotate 360-degrees for forward, sideways, and diagonal for seamless vehicle movement, the magnetically powered Eagle-360 seems like the ideal tire for a driverless future. No need to panic yet though, this kind of thing is a long way off, but what do you think? Is this the next revolution in driving or the death of it?

Hear that sound? That's the sound of the drift, rally, and stunt driving worlds releasing a single, collectively held breath: Ken Block's long-awaited Gymkhana EIGHT is a go, made official by the announcement of his latest Franken-car earlier today. How this 650-hp, reflective paint-splattered Ford Fiesta Fiesta ST RX 43 stacks up to rest of Block's Gymkhana stable remains to be seen, but rest assured, Gymkhana EIGHT, which drops February 28th at 9pm PST (Midnight EST) on the Ford Performance YouTube, is sure to be a mind scrambler. Mark your calendars and start counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until take off.

When it comes to loyal automotive fanboys, no group is more devout, pious, or annoying than the Church of Porsche, who worship daily at the altar of the almighty and eternal 911. To celebrate such devotion, Donut Media put togetheran animated evolution of the German sportscar icon that may well serve as scripture in the decades to come. Check it out and enjoy the ride.

It's been a long time since we saw a new Alpine on the road, but after years of rumors and hearsay, this trailer for the 2017 Vision confirms that the Renault-owned sportscar auteurs are well and truly back. If you're looking for an alternative to that tired Porsche porn, then this is it.

The latest installment of the Need For Speed franchise drops this fall, but up until this point we knew very little about the gameplay. Would it be a new Underground? A chase-based Hot Pursuit edition? A straight-up arcade racer? Well, today EA has answered questions with an amazing new trailer that breaks down Need For Speed's 5 new game modes. From speed to style, muscle cars to tuners, this one seems to have a little bit of everything, so check it out and start counting down the days until November 3rd.

Listen, we all know Chris Farley wasn't a huge van of living in a van down by the river, but we think that nomadic lifestyle sounds pretty rad...provided you have the know-how to pull it off, of course. Before you even begin to consider packing up and leaving it all behind, however, one thing you will definitely need to know is how to convert your trusty van into a bonafied camper, and this quick DIY walkthrough will certainly help. From loft installation to cooking tips, this one packs a lot into a little, so sit up, shut up, and pay attention.