Felix Baumgartner has been pursuing a new passion since his record-breaking leap: Flying helicopters. As you would expect from a guy who BASE jumped from a freaking satellite, however, Baumgartner isn't interested in sightseeing pleasure cruises, turning his considerable skills to more ambitious ends like, say, chasing a drift car as it slides, smokes, and snakes its way to sure-fire internet glory. If, like Felix, you're looking for all action, all the time, then this one is for you.

Yves "Jetman" Rossy, the first man to ever pilot a jet-propelled wing, takes formation flights to new heights in Dubai.

It's just like riding a bike.
In the latest episode of "On Pace," Travis Pastrana gets out of the NASCAR ride and hops back on to his motocross bike for a DC Shoes photoshoot. Pastrana is joined by fellow DC riders Robbie Maddison, Nate Adams, Adam Cianciarulo, and Jeremy McGrath. Even though his injured right ankle is still not 100%, Pastrana still flies around the track. And since nothing caps off a day of motocross riding like firing guns, Pastrana and the crew spend the night pulling the trigger of some assault weapons.