Ian Walsh

"There's no good way of dropping into Jaws on an inner tube."

The 9th Annual International Surfing Day returns this week. If you ever needed an excuse to ditch work, school or other obligations to go surfing, look no further. This "holiday" is your chance to join fellow surfers from 30 different countries in celebration of the Sport of Kings. Now go surfing!


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It's never a dull moment.
On the latest episode of On Pace, Travis Pastrana's hectic life behind the wheel continues. Pastrana tests his rallycross car then hits an X Games kickoff party where he matches his ping-pong skills against Ryan Sheckler, Robbie Maddison, and Ian Walsh. Pastrana has to keep his partying to a minimum because he needs to hop on a private jet for a NASCAR race. As soon as that's over, Pastrana is back on the plane to get ready for the rallycross race at X Games.

"There's no good way of dropping into Jaws on an inner tube."

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