Mike Escamilla

Heath Pinter takes you on an epic day of snowboarding and dirt with a star studded cast of BMX'ers. Many people know Heath as a stylish dirt jumper and trail building perfectionist, but his roots in snowboarding go way back. Before he was making a dime in the BMX world Heath was throwing down in Tahoe and still loves shredding Bear with the homies! Guest appearances by Mike Escamilla, Andrew Lazaruk, Jared Eberwein, TJ Ellis and Corey Bohan!

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River surfing? Check. Massive pretzel? Check.
Pro BMX riders Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla and Dennis McCoy had some free time in Germany during the run-up to X Games Munich so they decided to check out the sites. But rather than going around in some dorky tour group, Rooftop and McCoy brought their BMX bikes along with them to make things more interesting.

Yes, St. Petersburg, Russia does have a skate scene.
Tony Hawk participated in this year's Gumball 3000 along with skaters Aaron "Jaws" Jamoki and Corbin Harris and BMX rider Mike Escamilla. The Gumball is a 3,000-mile road rally that draws all kinds of different vehicles and follows a different course each year. This year's Gumball went through Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Poland. From the looks of things, Hawk and his crew spent as much time on their boards as they did behind the wheel.