Join professional wakeboarder Daniel Grant as he takes takes us on a journey to Bali, checking out some of the island's hidden treasures and sickest cable parks in the process. If you're headed to the Far East anytime soon, make sure to bring that board.

In this episode of Getting Awesome With Ryan Nyquist, Ryan teams up with brother Shea Nyquist to create a hybrid wakeboard/BMX bike. The challenges are many, from the build itself, to getting the thing to float, riding it, then the ultimate challenge: wakebike barspins! Let's see if Ryan can pull off this challenge. New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays!

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Professional wakeboarder Dean Smith discusses the set up for an epic night shoot during the DEFY movie project. With a step up entry and big gap to enter the pool the boys construct a big kicker to launch Dean right into the sweet spot. With a few warm up laps Dean is ready to rock and sessions under the lights and into the night nailing a few clips for the movie!

Throwing a shaka right before you are about to pop the question is not a story you want to tell your future kids