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Watch the first round of the Air + Style Innsbruck snowboard event LIVE here

Witness the best snowboarders in the world going big at the Air + Style Innsbruck Big Air event hosted by Shaun White. The qualifying round is now LIVE and we'll get to see Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg in his first major competition since the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.


Happy New Year from Dose and some special guests

As we bid adieu to 2014, Timbo relives some of the year's best moments on Dose before getting some New Years resolutions from Ryan Tuerk, Louie Vito, Pat Moore, Gabe Brooks, and Joe Sexton. From all of us at Network A, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's go big in 2015!

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Halldor Helgason's only inspiration is himself

The second teaser for the Helgason's upcoming snowboard film, NoToBo, has just dropped. Apparently it's all about fame, glory, money, and gold—because guys like the Helgasons and Sage Kotsenburg are all about that life. A nice comedic laugh in preparation for what should be some solid snowboarding from this one.

What do you think of this snowboarding trailer? Tell us in the Comments.

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Sage Kotsenburg lives the shreddy pizza life in Park City, Utah

When I was in college, snowboarding 2-3 days a week was just not enough. I needed more. So I took the winter semester off and moved to Park City, Utah. It was there that I was finally able to snowboard every single day. It was also where I experienced the best job I will ever have: delivering pizza for Davanza's.

I spent every day on-hill, and every night behind the wheel. Navigating my way through the treacherous streets in blizzard conditions, I delivered to world-class hotels and multi-million dollar ski homes—as well as muchie-crazed locals who would provide tips in green currency. Between deliveries I would hang out in the bastion of the shreddy pizza lifestyle that Davanza's embodies.

Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg knows the shreddy pizza lifestyle better than most, as exhibited in this day in the life video from Utah's latest Find Your Greatest campaign. Ride by day, pizza by night. When you're 21-years-old, nothing else should matter.

The Monster Energy snowboard team had a "sun's out, guns out" session at Mammoth

Snowboarding is more fun without a shirt.
With the snowboard contests all wrapped up, Monster Energy hosted a private park session at Mammoth Mountain so that its riders could get in some last-minute jibs and jumps before all the snow melted. Teddy Koo, Kohei Kudo, Ayumu Hirano, Eiju Hirano, Alek Ostreng, Torgier Bergrem, Christian Haller, Peetu Piiroinen, Sage Kotsenburg, Alex Rodway, Harrison Gordon, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Sebbe de Buck all got busy in the park and started laying the groundwork for next season.

Snowboarding in slush is fun

Arnette Snow kicks off its Multiple Personality Disorder series with an episode dedicated to slush. Sometimes the warmest sessions in the least favorable snow conditions can be the most fun. Check out Arnette team riders Sam Taxwood, Ethan Deiss, Nial Romanek, Sage Kotsenburg, Zac Marben, Andrew Brewer, Dustin Craven, and more ruling it in the slush.


Neff Beach Bash Spring Snowboarding At Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain, California was the place to be for the 2nd Annual Neff Beach Bash on March 30! Michaela Eichenbaum got the scoop for Network A checking in on best tricks and moments from the day from Sage Kotsenburg, Lucas Magoon, Ryan Tarbell and more. For the second year in a row, Neff brought the beach to the mountains with a rail jam, pond skimming, ball pits and a Tiki bar closing out 2012/13 season in style!

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Dose: Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg was well-prepared for Sochi

20-year-old Park City native Sage Kotsenburg qualified for the U.S. Olympic slopestyle snowboard team at the Grand Prix qualifier at Mammoth Mountain recently. Kotsenberg and slopestyle will both be making their Olympic debuts this year so Dose host Michaela Eichenbaum caught up with him in Mammoth to get his thoughts on the Sochi Games. Kotsenburg has his pre-Olympic routine locked in and has a good sense of who the riders to watch will be in Russia. The only thing he's still needs to figure out is what he will say to slopestyle hater Bob Costas if he runs into him.

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Dose: Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg says NYC cabs are more dangerous than slopestyle

Olympic slopestyle gold medalist Sage Kostenburg became the new face of snowboarding overnight. Kotsenburg won the first gold medal for the United States at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Even though he was inundated with interview requests that come with winning a gold medal, Kotsenburg made time to for another appearance on Dose. (We can't blame him, seeing as how appearing on Dose was a ticket to a gold medal in snowboard slopestyle this year). Kotsenburg admitted that the slopestyle course was gnarly, but it was nothing crazier than a New York City taxi cab. He also touched upon the fact that now the world knows of more snowboarders than just Shaun White, and how he'd like to use his recently found fame to help inner city kids get into snowboarding.

What do you think of Sage Kotsenburg on Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Snowboarder Justin Bennee's part in Nike's "Never Not" video is like whoa

Nike Snowboarding is still giving us great gifts from their recent snowboard video Never Not—which is nice with the holidays approaching. The latest is the shared part from Never Not with Nike snowboarders Justin Bennee, Johnnie Paxson, Sage Kotsenburg, and Ethan Morgan. Usually when a bunch of riders have to share a part it means the riding is sub-par. That is definitely not the case here. Each of the riders delivers some bangers in the streets and in the backcountry. And Black Rob's "Like Whoa" is the perfect song for this video.


Nike Snowboarding's 7-part series is similar to another 7-part series?

Justin Leveille of YoBeat's "Hateline" show has uncovered a conspiracy theory: that Nike Snowboarding's new 7-part series "Emergence" is essentially Harry Potter. They're both 7-part series, and that's about as far as the similarities go. But it's still funny.

The first part of "Emergence" dropped the other day, and it's with Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg. Go check it out here.

Justin Leveille