With news of Alain Robert's third Ariane Tower climb breaking this week, we decided there was no better time to face our fears and assemble the 5 craziest urban free climbs of all time in one head-spinning, stomach-turning countdown. From the second tallest tower in the world to the apex of the Wembley Arch, there is plenty of no-margin-for-error insanity on display here, so put on those climbing shoes and join us as we head for the clouds.

SOOO much better than watching the Knicks

Experience what it was like for Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski, Alex Olson and Paul Rodriguez to skate together every damn day as a crew in China, doing what they do best at some of the best spots in the world while experiencing the city and culture of Shenzhen.

Chris Pfanner had one of our favorite part's in this year's Vans opus, Propeller, and now he's back with a grip of lost footage that solidifies his status as one of the gnarliest dudes in the industry. You don't just cruise your way onto the Anti-Hero and waffle-grip rosters, after all.