Matt Pagan had the unfortunate luck to be bottom turning right where this guy performed his very first duck dive. Hopefully Matt's face is OK...

Want to see what happens when the human body accidentally folds in half? Then watch as Merari Paz gets origamied after slipping out on a risky back tail. Needless to say, this one stung everywhere.

Gravity's a bitch. What goes up always comes down and Jeremy Tuffli learned that the hard way on this crazy ditch plunge. Say a prayer for his palms and then check it out.

On Saturday, while attempting to navigate the Tour Of Utah's infamous Guardsman Pass hairpin, Irish cyclist Matt Brammeier lost control of his bike, t-boning a chase car and sustaining extensive injuries, including fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken pelvis. Thankfully, Brammeier will be (relatively) OK, but judging by the horrific footage, things could have gone a lot worse.

Ahh, the infamous scorpion slam. Youtube's reason for existence. Your spine's worst nightmare. Thankfully for all you sadists out there, FailArmy has put together a flinch-worthy supercut of this disk-slipping, vertebrae-crushing phenomena. Pour yourself something cold and prepare for the carnage.

If you've never witnessed Megavalanche, a high-speed mountain bike race down the face of a freaking glacier, then consider this an apt introduction. Dodging bodies, bikes, and sketchy rock gardens, Jamie Nicoll eventually finished 7th, but the footage his helmet cam picked up along the way was absolutely gold. Hold on tight and check it out.