Wakeskater Brian Grubb has tackled everything from icebergs to the Erie Canal to the Eighth Wonder of the World. So when we tell you he just wakeskated the Ancient Cleopatra Pool in Hierapolis, Denizli you really shouldn't be all that surprised—except when you watch it and realize he yet again has outdone himself.

When the waves are flat surfers sometimes struggle to find activities that don't get themselves in trouble. Thankfully, we've been having a damn good run of surf on the East Coast recently (thanks Joaquin!). But pro surfers Josh Kerr and Noa Deane were left with a flatness conundrum recently, and they made the most of it behind a boat. Check out that alley-oop transfer Kerrzy nails at the end!

Join professional wakeboarder Daniel Grant as he takes takes us on a journey to Bali, checking out some of the island's hidden treasures and sickest cable parks in the process. If you're headed to the Far East anytime soon, make sure to bring that board.

Ahh, the infamous scorpion slam. Youtube's reason for existence. Your spine's worst nightmare. Thankfully for all you sadists out there, FailArmy has put together a flinch-worthy supercut of this disk-slipping, vertebrae-crushing phenomena. Pour yourself something cold and prepare for the carnage.

Pro wakeskater Brian Grubb loves wakeskating in odd places. Like the Erie Canal, a frozen river in Bosnia, and rice terraces in the Philippines. Well add icebergs in Cape Cod to that list now.

Yes, you read that correctly: icebergs in Cape Cod. With the frozen and record-breaking winter the northeast had this year, it made for some once-in-a-lifetime conditions that Grubb couldn't turn down—no matter how freakin' cold it was.