Freestyle Motocross

Travel with the up-and-coming freestyle motcross rider as trains and competes at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid.
Twenty-four-year-old freestyle motocross rider Rob Adelberg is one of the emerging talents coming out of Australia. In this video, Adelberg trains for Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, where he had a disappointing result but still managed to hold on to a fourth-place finish in the overall season standings.

Even if he did crash on the final lap at Daytona.
On the latest episode of On Pace, Travis Pastrana returns to Daytona International Speedway, the track where he won his first motorcycle race. This time he's behind the wheel of a NASCAR Nationwide car that is part of the prestigious Roush/Fenway Racing team. Pastrana admits that he has a lot to learn in NASCAR but he was good enough to finish in the Top 10 at the first race of the season at Daytona.

The Metal Mulisha member looks like he's in an Under Armor commercial. Ronnie Faisst is taking the Speed & Style event at X Games Munich seriously. From getting his Honda 450 tuned so it's ready to fly to putting in serious work at the gym, it's clear that Faisst isn't comfortable with the three bronze medals that he's won at the X Games in Los Angeles. He wants gold.

Let Drake McElroy be your tour guide.
The second to last stop on the Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross tour is about to go down in a few hours in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid X-Fighters event takes place in a tiny bullring in the legendary Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. Drake McElroy will be judging the X-Fighters event so he's the perfect person to show you the tight course, which features two tunnels, a huge 33-meter ramp, a quarterpipe, and a steep super kicker that is ideal for double backflips.

Carey Hart's competitive Freestyle Motocross career spans over a decade. In that time his dedication and visibility in the sport has fueled its popularity. In this episode of Ink Rock Moto, Carey brings us behind the scenes as he shares his full experience competing in his final X Games from training with good friend Ronnie Faisst, to his final Moto X Speed and Style competition, and his thoughts about how it all went down.

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