Danny MacAskill

It takes a long time to learn to ride a bike on a Rubik's Cube.
Danny MacAskill's new Imaginate video was his most ambitious project ever. The trials rider created massive versions of toys that he had played with as a kid and used them as obstacles for his creative tricks. The new project presented new challenges. MacAskill probably never thought he'd be knocked unconscious while riding his bike on a tank. As this behind the scenes video shows, that was just one of the hurdles MacAskill had to clear to make Imaginate a reality.

It's all about toy soldiers and blocks. For his previous videos, street trials rider Danny MacAskill has travelled to exotic locations to unleash his unique brand of bike riding. For his video called Imaginate, MacAskill flipped the script. He created an elaborate set featuring super-sized versions of the toys he used to play with as a kid. What hasn't changed is MacAskill's skills on a bike. The guy still has some of the most innovative, and yes, imaginative, tricks out there.

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