If you're not familiar with the surfer-owned Komune Beach Resort in Bali, then let this be the introduction to your next vacation destination. Sitting right in front of the world-class beachbreak of Keramas, it sports an idyllic pool/bar that you (or scantily clad women in bikinis) can sit and watch the surf (if surfing ain't your thing).

And they just recently hosted the QS1000 Komune Bali Pro in pumping Bali surf, which was won by pro surfer Taj Burrow. The Mad Hueys captured some incredible drone footage of the entire event, and wrapped it into this nice little package for everyone. Thanks guys, now when can we book our trip there?!

Parko nabs the fifth perfect heat in ASP history at the Oakley Pro Bali.
Joel Parkinson hasn't gotten off to the best start defending his 2012 world title. He already has two 13th place finishes and the season isn't even halfway through. But things might be turning around for Parko. At the Oakley Pro Bali he recorded two perfect 10s in the fifth round against John John Florence. It was the second perfect heat in Parkinson's career and the fifth all-time. His perfect score helped Parkinson advance to the quarterfinals of the Oakley Pro Bali where he will face Taj Burrow.

South Africa's star surfer lives large when he's in town for the Oakley Pro Bali.

There is a lot of downtime during an ASP world tour event. Actually surfing in heats makes up just a fraction of the time that the Top 34 spend at the contest venue. So it makes sense that surfers like Jordy Smith would want to stay someplace nice when they're not in the water. Smith stays in a sweet villa during the Oakley Pro Bali, complete with a pool, an indoor/outdoor bathroom and, for some weird reason, lots of weird erotic art. While the art isn't to Smith's tastes, the style of the villa is. He modeled his own home in South Africa after a Balinese villa.

After failing to advance in the first round of the Oakley Pro Bali, some of the top contenders in the ASP world championship race all bounced back in round two. Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Joel Parkinson advanced after the contest was put on hold in the morning to wait for the surf at Keramas to start pumping.

There's a lot more dubstep, for one thing. Surfing during the Oakley Pro Bali isn't limited to the daylight hours. Oakley hosted a party and a night surfing session so that the pros and locals could surf Keramas even after the sun went down.