Plastic is not fantastic at the beach. Dose recently caught up with Jim Moriarty, Global Executive Director of the Surfrider Foundation. Moriarty explained how Surfrider is working to clean up beaches around the world. Since June 20 is International Surfing Day, it's a great time to highlight ways that surfers can help preserve the oceans where they have so much fun. One of the biggest problems is single-use plastics, so why not try and pick up one plastic bottle or bag for every wave you catch on International Surfing Day.

To help Transworld Skateboarding launch its new redesigned skatepark, Fred Water co-founder Ariel Broggi painted a massive mural.

Aside from being a co-found of the company, Broggi is also an artist, and he spoke with dose host Michaela Eichenbaum about the process that went into the mural. Rather than just plastering Fred Water's logo everywhere, Broggi decided to paint a nature scene. Don't worry, it's not like a Bob Ross painting, filled with happy little clouds. Broggi's mural features intense creatures like eagles, bears and scorpions. The exact kind of spirit animals that skaters will want to channel when they're tearing around the park.

Really there's not much you need to know about this one that can't be said with the simple click of the play button, so sit back, relax, and watch as this full-grown man-child climbs into a water balloon fit for giants.

Snowmobile backflips are nothing new...unless, of course, you remove the operative word from the equation. We've all seen snowmobile skimming before—and it still defies logic—but trust us, this is on another level altogether.

The 9th Annual International Surfing Day returns this week. If you ever needed an excuse to ditch work, school or other obligations to go surfing, look no further. This "holiday" is your chance to join fellow surfers from 30 different countries in celebration of the Sport of Kings. Now go surfing!


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