Car Stunts

If the fact that Furious 7 drops in less than a month doesn't excite you enough, here's some further incentive to get your blood pumping.

There's a scene in the new movie where the team jumps out of a C-130 cargo plane in their cars and lands them safely in the mountains because they have parachutes attached—utterly ridiculous concept. But you'd be surprised to find out that they actually did this for the scene.

It makes sense though that they didn't use CGI for this scene and filmed it actually happening. But still, this is just a whole 'nother level of crazy (even for the Fast And Furious series). Dropping April 3 in theaters, we'll surely be there on opening night.

Tom Cruise has long been know for doing his own motorcycle stunts, but this behind-the-scenes glimpse into Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation's centerpiece car chase proves he's also more than capable of jumping behind the wheel for some four-wheeled mayhem. Pour a little out for this battered M3 and then give it a watch.