X Games Munich

With a score of 90 on his final run, Lasek rocketed up from last to first at X Games Munich.
Bucky Lasek is 40 years old. Forty friggin' years old. And he just won his third consecutive gold medal in skate vert at the X Games. That's just crazy. Lasek was sitting in last place at X Games Munich before his final run. Then he proceeded to unleash a flurry of incredible tricks, including a nollie flip Madonna. Lasek was rewarded with a score of 90 and won the gold. He has now won every vert contest at the X Games this year.

With age comes wisdom. Bucky Lasek, 40, is going to be the oldest skater competing at X Games Munich (June 27-30), but Lasek doesn't just have to pack his skateboard for the trip to Germany. He also needs to pack his car. Lasek will be competing in RallyCross and can't wait to get behind the wheel after the event was called off due to rain at X Games Barcelona.

Go for a ride along with the X Games BMX Big Air gold medalist as he tests out the course in Munich.
Megaramps are scary things. The first time you see one in person, even from afar, you're like, "Woah, that things scary." But then you see BMX rider Steve McCann strap a bunch of GoPro cameras to himself and take a run down the megaramp at X Games Munich, and you think it looks easy, until you realize you're not Steve McCann.

Unless you think seeing big air skater Jagger Eaton dance is funny.
Dex Carrington is a comedian, or so he claims. His website describes him as a "multitalented wonderchild," and he has appeared on MTV. That, and the fact that he seems to speak a few languages, qualified him to go to X Games Munich to take in the scene. Carrington pretended to buy a lot of candy and talked to some folks at a souvenir stand. It was a laugh riot.

The Metal Mulisha member looks like he's in an Under Armor commercial. Ronnie Faisst is taking the Speed & Style event at X Games Munich seriously. From getting his Honda 450 tuned so it's ready to fly to putting in serious work at the gym, it's clear that Faisst isn't comfortable with the three bronze medals that he's won at the X Games in Los Angeles. He wants gold.

River surfing? Check. Massive pretzel? Check.
Pro BMX riders Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla and Dennis McCoy had some free time in Germany during the run-up to X Games Munich so they decided to check out the sites. But rather than going around in some dorky tour group, Rooftop and McCoy brought their BMX bikes along with them to make things more interesting.

Spend a day with the guy that just won BMX Park at X Games Munich.
Daniel Dhers is a Venezuelan who now resides in the BMX hotbed of Greenville, North Carolina. Dhers has a sick private park, appropriately named the Animal House. But his days aren't all fun and games. Dhers also puts himself through a pretty serious training regimen (albeit while watching cartoons) and runs errands so that when he does arrive at the park, he can fully concentrate on his riding. As his gold-medal run at X Games Munich shows, the approach is paying off for Dhers.

See the drivers' POV in the RallyCross finals.
The RallyCross final was one of the most exciting events at X Games Munich. Driving a Mini in its X Games debut, Liam Doran captured the gold medal, despite having a flat tire and with Ken Block close on his bumper. Now you can relive the thrilling end to the RallyCross event through the drivers' eyes.

Street League commissioner Rob Dyrdek (whose nickname really should be "Commish") sat down for an interview in advance of X Games Munich to talk about Street League. With Nyjah Huston having won the first three Street League events, Dyrdek offers his thoughts on whether Huston can go undefeated and shares his prediction for who the dark horse performer will be at X Games Munich.