Most of the country is suffering from oppressive heat, but there's still snow on the Internet.
The latest episode of Teton Gravity Research's "Mind's Eye" series follows Ian McIntosh as he slashes through the powder at TGR Fantasy Camp in Alaska.

Flahr got real at Teton Gravity Research's Fantasy Camp.
While skiing at TGR's Fantasy Camp in Alaska, Dana Flahr found himself trying to keep up with the high level of riding that Sammy Carlson, Tim Durtschi, and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa were putting down. His only choice was to send it.

Shush Mogulman captures the true essence of Rice's snowboarding.
Travis Rice decided to do things a little differently for his X Games Real Snow Backcountry part, enlisting the help of a play-by-play announcer as he made a descent in the Alaskan wilderness. The analysis is extremely helpful as Rice pulls turnarounds, rides backward, and sticks his butt out in AK.
Real Snow Backcountry will make its debut at X Games LA in August. Eight riders—Rice, Pat Moore, Jussi Oksanen, Mark Landvik, Mark Carter, Frederik Kalbermatten, Andreas Wiig, and Mike Rencz—submitted backcountry parts, and viewers can vote on their favorites and crown the winner.